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Floyd Mayweather says Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia can only take place at 135, not 140

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Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

Floyd Mayweather just had a chat with Fight Hype about all the ongoing talk surrounding a potential fight between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. Here Floyd makes it clear that he’s open to making that fight before the year is out but that it’s not a fight that will be taking place at 140 pounds.

“All these fighters talk about how big they are and what they’ve done in the sport,” Mayweather said. “Once again, the main man in the sport of boxing right now is the one that’s attached to me — Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis.

“That’s the only thing that this kid Ryan Garcia — that’s the only thing that he knows, is Tank. ‘Oh, I want to fight Tank. I don’t care, it’s the biggest fight.’ OK, you want to fight Tank; in boxing we make sacrifices. So we know that Tank fights at 135. So if you want to fight Tank at 135 we can make it happen before the end of the year.”

On Garcia wanting to fight Davis at 140

“Absolutely not. You just fought at 135 so why can’t you fight at 135 again? He’s young, I can see if he was a lot older. He’s not in his 30s. You know, guys get older and the weight settles in and then you can be like, ‘OK, I can’t make the weight no more.’ But he’s young, we have to make sacrifices.

“If it’s certain things you want in the sport of boxing — like Ryan Garcia really wants Tank. If you really want this fight with Tank, sacrifice. We have to make sacrifices. Even though I know I wasn’t 154 lber — I knew I wasn’t a junior middleweight — but I knew there’s certain sacrifices that I have to make. Oscar De La Hoya chose the gloves, chose the judges, he chose everything, the weight class, everything. I knew I was the better fighter, I felt I was the better fighter, and I showed y’all I was the better fighter. So guess what I did, I made sacrifices.

“So if you feel like you can beat Tank, you’re the better fighter, then guess what, make sacrifices. We can fight in 90 days if you want to, whatever you want to do, and he’s gonna get smoked.”

On De La Hoya saying it will be difficult to make this fight with Al Haymon involved

“It’s not difficult to make. This is what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna turn down a lot of things but we’re not gonna turn down no money. I’ll let Oscar know this. Oscar, we can make the fight happen. The fight’s gotta be at 135. Even though I was fighting at 147, Oscar said, ‘Floyd, you got to come up to 154.’ Now remember this, he made a sacrifice for Manny Pacquiao, but he didn’t want to make a sacrifice for me because he felt like he was gonna have the edge over me with size.

“Oscar, we can make the fight happen. You’re hearing it first on Fight Hype. 135 is the weight class. Now you do an interview with Fight Hype. Once you do an interview with Fight Hype, then we’ll sit down and talk face to face. You gotta give Fight Hype an interview, though. And that’s a part of my negotiation.

“I’m gonna have Tank in the best shape of his life and just know when he hits that boy, he ain’t gonna wake up until next year.”

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