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I Am Legend 2 Is Confirmed With Will Smith Starring

by TMA

For some time now there have been rumblings regarding a sequel to 2007’s I Am Legend and now, we finally have confirmation that Warner Bros. is moving ahead with it and it will likely be starring Will Smith.

Deadline tells us that Warner Bros. has hired up-and-comer Arash Amel to pen the film’s initial draft. Better yet, the film is being set up to allow Will Smith to reprise his role as Robert Neville, if he so chooses.

SPOILERS Now, obviously people are wondering how Smith will return given the first film’s ending and that’s where there is still some mystery. Whether I Am Legend 2 will be a sequel, prequel or some kind of spin off is still unknown. END SPOILERS

Most likely, the film will turn out to be a prequel of some kind but who knows, they can still turn it into a sequel by going down a couple different routes, one of which includes using the film’s alternate ending.

I Am Legend took in a surprising $585 million worldwide, so you can see why the studio wants a sequel. I’m just not sure how well it will work out. It’s going to be tricky to craft a story given the first film’s ending, unless of course they do a direct prequel.

Either way, Warner Bros. knows that they have a lot of people to please with I Am Legend 2 and I don’t think they’ll drop the ball on this one, especially if Smith is going to be starring again.

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