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R. Kelly royalties account depleted after $1.5M judgement in favor of landlord

by TMA

As R. Kelly remains behind bars, his finances are in great peril and dwindling fast. On Monday, Dec. 7, a judge in Cook County, Ill., ruled in favor of the Grammy Award-winning singer’s former landlord to cover the cost of outstanding rent.

According to the Chicago Times, R. Kelly’s former landlord—Wisconsin-based real estate management company, Midwest Commercial Funding—received a $3.5 million judgment against the incarcerated singer for the cost of unpaid rent and repair costs for the space used as a recording studio.

In addition to Midwest Commercial Funding, an unnamed woman who accused the singer of sexual abuse, also filed a lawsuit against him. The woman and Kelly’s former landlord filed claims on Kelly’s royalties with Sony, which amounted to approximately $1.5 million. Back in August, an attorney for the alleged victim submitted a “citation to discover assets” to Sony, the record label confirmed on August 25.

In a motion written by the woman’s attorney, Jeffrey Deutschman, he detailed the court’s analysis of the real estate management company’s lien.

“The Court’s analysis of MCF’s lien priority based on emailing it to Sony on August 19, 2020, is an error in this Court’s previous application of existing law which merits reconsideration,” Deutschman wrote. “They want all of it,” Deutschman previously said. “They have their building, but my client lost her childhood to a sexual predator.”

Kelly is currently being held at Cook County jail on a string of charges as a result of his alleged involvement with multiple underage girls and alleged sexual abuse of multiple women.

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