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The sad truth about Fantasia Barrino’s relationship with the church

by TMA

Why did Fantasia Barrino leave the church behind? In 2019, the now-religious star explained on the TV series UNCENSORED that even joining the choir proved difficult as it got her teased in school. “During that time, I knew that I was different. I knew I had a calling in my life, there was something about me. She continued, “Five [years old] I loved it. I was singing. Five, six, seven, eight, around this time I’m starting to get picked on … They’d come to school like ‘oh we saw you,’ so now I’m like, do I want to be this girl?”

Sadly, not wanting to be “this girl” lead Fantasia down the wrong path. “I didn’t feel good enough, I didn’t feel pretty enough, I didn’t wanna be … over here singing in the church and blessing people. I don’t wanna hear no more of that, I wanna rebel now.” She added, “So I started seeking attention from the wrong guys, dressing the way I never would dress. Ninth grade was it for me, I said that’s it I’m out. … I’m just gonna hang out in the streets with my friends. I didn’t wanna be special … living up to people’s expectations.”

Fantasia Barrino knew the church was “her only hope.” She’s since returned to religion, to singing for (mostly) adoring church crowds, and becoming the sometimes controversial talent we know today. 

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