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How Exactly Did Prince Markie Dee Die? The Rapper Was Only 52 Years Old

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The tragic loss of pioneering hip hop legend Prince Markie Dee of “The Fat Boys” has sent shockwaves through the hip hop community, which is largely still attempting to unpack the details of the rap phenom’s passing.

Markie Dee, real name Mark Anthony Morales (and known simply as Morales by friends) encompassed all facets of the live music industry throughout his illustrious life. From radio to recorded sound, Markie Dee left an undeniable impact on the last few decades of hip hop music.

But the question remains, what exactly brought about Markie Dee’s untimely death, and were there any signs that he was unwell? Here’s what we know about the loss of the lyrical legend so far.

Prince Markie Dee’s cause of death seems to be related to his heart.

It appears as though the factor that inevitably took Markie Dee’s life was his heart. As reported by AllHipHop, the legendary rapper succumbed to congestive heart failure that seemed to have taken his life fairly quickly.

Sources for the publication explained that Markie Dee began feeling distressing health issues during the day on Feb. 18, 2021, namely swelling in his legs. He was soon rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead only a few hours later, seemingly so suddenly that close friends and family weren’t even able to be notified of his condition until after the fact.

He was 52 years old at the time of his passing, only one day short of his 53rd birthday, which falls on Feb. 19. In the wake of his passing, those close to him have taken to social media to mourn the tragic loss of the Brooklyn-born emcee.

Those close to the star mourned their loss of him on social media.

One of Markie Dee’s closest friends, Louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory, penned a touching tribute to him via social media, getting highly emotional over how profoundly the loss is affecting his life. “Forever in my Heart. Prince Markie Dee was more than a rapper; he was one of my very best and closest friends. My heart breaks today because I lost a brother. I’ll always love you Mark and I’ll cherish everything you taught me. Tomorrow is your birthday, swing my way big bro,” he shared candidly.

Markie Dee’s place of employment, Rock the Bells, where he hosted a daily radio show, also reached out via Twitter with a sincere message expressing their profound sadness over the loss. “The Rock the Bells family is heartbroken to learn of the passing of Mark ‘Prince Markie Dee’ Morales earlier today. That voice and his presence can never be replaced. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones,” they wrote.

Famed bassist Christian McBride also left a heartfelt message on Twitter about Markie Dee, and “The Fat Boys” as a whole, saying, “The Fat Boys were not only fun(ny), but they really were artistic geniuses. All they needed was a mic to rock the house. Although the Human Beat Box was often the center of attention, Markie Dee and Kool Rock-Ski brought the attitude. May Mark ‘Prince Markie Dee’ Morales RIP.”




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